The Sims 4

The Sims 4

I’m actually a little disappointed by this game.

I feel like I’ve been set back in time almost. For example, being able to view the whole neighborhood and having interactions outside of the home was a stand out feature to The Sims 3, its gone from Sims 4.

The new emotions feature isn’t too hot either, and I’m not sure about future potential unless your a Machination maker.

The Sims 4


I will say that I did really like the pre-built rooms idea….

That is until it came to putting rooms together…a bit messy.

And the “A Game of Groans” Game of Thrones reference wasn’t missed.

But the fact that as a Mac user there is no port or support really loses me with this game. I have to use Parallels to play it.

I’m toughing it out right now because I really want to enjoy this game but until a patch and expansion pack comes out, I’ll stick to the Sims 3 for deeper entertainment.

Just a quick soapmaking vid, the longer version to the one on my instagram.

I bought a soapmaking kit from ArtMinds and finally got around to using it!
Artminds  Soap Making 101 Kit


I still need some work to be done as my soap has bubbles in it but still it was a fun and easy first time experience!

Mizani Rose H20 Night Time Treatment

A “dermatologist tested” night-time treatment with Shea Butter, Vitamin A derivative, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and patented ceramide strengthening technology designed to increase hair strength, reduce the formation of split ends, enhance moisture retention, control dryness and frizz without weighing the hair down. This concentrated crème dramatically strengthens & conditions as part of your night-time regimen.


I just used this on my hair (I’m all natural) and wow, what a feeling! For a good two days my hair felt silky and nice. The shedding I was experiencing also went down dramatically. (I was experiencing major shedding above normal levels)

How I used it:

I Shampooed and Conditioned my hair, applied a carrot cholesterol treatment, washed it out, then while my hair was wet, I put a good part of this on my hair then wrapped it with a plastic bag over night. In the morning I took off the bag and let my hair air dry.

I bought mine on for about $10 USD but you can also find it at these places:
Available at Ulta

I recently bought the Yves Saint Laurent – Saint Malo Sandal from


Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid



I couldn’t help myself, I’ve wanted a YSL Shoe for so long now and this seemed so cute, not to mention too good to pass. The retail price on theses was $580, They sold on for $170 and I used a coupon code and got them for $160, hows that for a deal?


Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid


Shipping was super fast as well. I ordered on Friday and got them on Monday. I learned about via Madison Avenue Spy, deadly site to be on when your bored. I would have never found these babies (or spend my poor money) if not for that site. Not sure If I’m thankful or upset!


Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid

The shoes were a little weird to wear at first. I couldnt figure out how to fix the strap for a good 15 minutes, but once I got the hang of it, they were super comfy and secure.

I was a bit unnerved due to the height however – which was surprising to me given that I had not too recently just worn my Christian Louboutin Palais Royal – the heel on these are a 4.5 (maybe a 5.2 since its a size 40) and I really felt the height. At 5’9, its easy to hit over 6″ with most shoes so I was about 6’2 with the heels and feeling a bit out of place. I havent worn wedges for a long while as well so maybe that had something to do with it, but its something I wanted to note.

Im a die hard Louboutin girl, however I do have my little list of shoe brands I want to diversify with. Im glad I finally got YSL crossed off, though I always thought it would be with a Tribtoo.

Amuze did have Tribtoo’s but I have so many similar shoes that I really wanted something fun. It also helped that the shoe is my favorite color, red!

The Shoes Also come in black here at Barneys but are unavailable currently.

Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid


Clip In Extensions are an easy and quick way to add length and volume to your own hair. Whether you’d like to have a more so fun and full look for your wedding or prom or if you want to hide a bad hair cut from a hair salon trip gone rogue, clip in extensions are a fast, fun and easy way to make all your perfect hair dreams come true.


Tools of The Trade or What You Will Need
1. Premium Clip In Hair Extensions (Human Preferred)
2. Alligator Clips
3. A Fine Tooth rat-tail Comb
4. Ultra Hold Hair Spray ( Any Brand Will Do )


Step By Step Guide To Installing Clip In Hair Extensions

Step 1. Lay out all your clip in pieces, usually full sets of clip in extensions come with 7 to 10 pieces on average. Yours might be more or less depending on the brand.

Step 2. Section your hair horizontally according to the amount of clip in pieces you have. So if you have 7 clip in pieces, you would part your hair with the fine tooth rat-tail comb into 7 different sections, separate them and then secure them out-of-the-way of each other with alligator clips.

Step 3. Spray a fine mist of ultra hold spray on the roots of your hair, especially if you have very fine hair. This will help the clip ins to stay in your hair. You can also back comb your hair at the roots to gain more hold but it’s not generally recommended.

Step 4. Starting from the bottom of your head, open the clip ins and align them with the part in your hair making sure to keep them close to the root of your hair. Afterwards, snap the clips closed.

Step 5. Comb the clip ins with your hair underneath to create a seamless blend before going on to the next  section of hair. Repeat the process of clipping in the extensions and combing the hair on top till you have used all the pieces.

Step 6. After attaching all the clip in extensions, style your hair however you please, taking care not to uproot the clip in hair extensions you have just placed.

Clip In Extensions are a fun and fast way to create a variety of glamorous hair styles for various occasions or to boost your self-confidence without having to step inside a hair salon. They are easy to install and remove and can easily stop the dreaded ” Bad Hair Day ” in its tracks.