I recently bought the Yves Saint Laurent – Saint Malo Sandal from Amuze.com.


Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid



I couldn’t help myself, I’ve wanted a YSL Shoe for so long now and this seemed so cute, not to mention too good to pass. The retail price on theses was $580, They sold on Amuze.com for $170 and I used a coupon code and got them for $160, hows that for a deal?


Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid


Shipping was super fast as well. I ordered on Friday and got them on Monday. I learned about Amuze.com via Madison Avenue Spy, deadly site to be on when your bored. I would have never found these babies (or spend my poor money) if not for that site. Not sure If I’m thankful or upset!


Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid

The shoes were a little weird to wear at first. I couldnt figure out how to fix the strap for a good 15 minutes, but once I got the hang of it, they were super comfy and secure.

I was a bit unnerved due to the height however – which was surprising to me given that I had not too recently just worn my Christian Louboutin Palais Royal – the heel on these are a 4.5 (maybe a 5.2 since its a size 40) and I really felt the height. At 5’9, its easy to hit over 6″ with most shoes so I was about 6’2 with the heels and feeling a bit out of place. I havent worn wedges for a long while as well so maybe that had something to do with it, but its something I wanted to note.

Im a die hard Louboutin girl, however I do have my little list of shoe brands I want to diversify with. Im glad I finally got YSL crossed off, though I always thought it would be with a Tribtoo.

Amuze did have Tribtoo’s but I have so many similar shoes that I really wanted something fun. It also helped that the shoe is my favorite color, red!

The Shoes Also come in black here at Barneys but are unavailable currently.

Yves Saint Laurent Saint Malo Sandal  - Sacred Orchid


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