The Sims 4

The Sims 4

I’m actually a little disappointed by this game.

I feel like I’ve been set back in time almost. For example, being able to view the whole neighborhood and having interactions outside of the home was a stand out feature to The Sims 3, its gone from Sims 4.

The new emotions feature isn’t too hot either, and I’m not sure about future potential unless your a Machination maker.

The Sims 4


I will say that I did really like the pre-built rooms idea….

That is until it came to putting rooms together…a bit messy.

And the “A Game of Groans” Game of Thrones reference wasn’t missed.

But the fact that as a Mac user there is no port or support really loses me with this game. I have to use Parallels to play it.

I’m toughing it out right now because I really want to enjoy this game but until a patch and expansion pack comes out, I’ll stick to the Sims 3 for deeper entertainment.

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