The Sims 4 I’m actually a little disappointed by this game. I feel like I’ve been set back in time almost. For example, being able to view the whole neighborhood and having interactions outside of the home was a stand out feature to The Sims 3, its gone from Sims 4. The new emotions feature isn’t too hot either, and I’m not sure about future potential unless your a Machination maker.   I will say that I did really like… Read more »

  I’ve just finished watching Showtimes ” The Borgias ” on Netflix and really needed something else to watch. It seems I spend more time finding things to watch on Netflix than actually watching things, shame…   But nonetheless I have just discovered ” The White Queen ” and I LOVE it! Admittedly I would have liked to see it unblured and what not but I’ll take what I can get.   I’m a huge fan of Historically set shows,… Read more »