Blueberry Pancakes

Sacred Orchid Blueberry Pancakes


I made these absolutely delicious pancakes with the Blueberry Milk I made from earlier. Yes my pancakes look very strange but the taste is out of this world. Then again most things Aunt Jemima is out of this world.


Basically all I did was add my Blueberry Milk to the pancake power with an egg and some oil and whipped it up! I like making my pancakes very small just because thats how I am but it also helps with portions and fooling the mind into thinking your eating alot when your really not.


Oh so yummy~

Blueberry Milk


Sacred Orchid - Bluberry Milk Picture


This Blueberry Milk is actually a little something I just happen to come up with myself while attempting to make Blueberry Pancakes.


What I usually do to make Blueberry Pancakes is that I put blueberries and milk in a bowl and crush it before adding the pancake flower. However I was really tired and decided to just plop the blueberries and milk in the blender and pulse it!


And thus my Blueberry Milk was born! #yummy




I’ve just finished watching Showtimes ” The Borgias ” on Netflix and really needed something else to watch. It seems I spend more time finding things to watch on Netflix than actually watching things, shame…


But nonetheless I have just discovered ” The White Queen ” and I LOVE it! Admittedly I would have liked to see it unblured and what not but I’ll take what I can get.


I’m a huge fan of Historically set shows, ” Borgia “, ” Downton Abbey “, ” The Tudors “, Love All of them!


Now I just need to see how to watch the rest of ” The White Queen ” I’m hooked!